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Optimizing Strength for Beach Volleyball

Sport specific training off the court is always a hot and contentious topic. Some people say its general strength, flexibility, relative strength, and a plethora of things. I recently had the privilege to interview Wade Bass with Volley Power Performance. Wade is a movement specialist and also an expert in training volleyball athletes to hit peak performance.

The main talking points of our conversation:

  • Lifestyle factors that contribute to poor movements

  • Creating mobility versus stiffness in the spine for the task at hand

  • Strength through range of motion

  • Indicators of a 40 inch vertical

  • How to get to the ATG squat

  • Strength versus power

  • Being efficient at force development

  • Tall versus shorter athletes training

  • Elasticity development training

  • Creating long term tissue changes

The podcast is being released on my Youtube channel and and on the Gro Show today at 10am Mountain time!

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